Mercedes COMAND System Upgrade Steps

Upgrading the Mercedes command system! Learn all about the Mercedes COMAND system upgrade using simple steps that will help you complete the whole process by yourself! Mercedes-Benz is a premium automaker with some of the best software and firmware available today. However, just as with other cars, these features age and need an update to date. There will be some systems that need updates, including the Mercedes COMAND firmware.

The software for Mercedes-Benz COMAND may be updated quite easily. The installation data must be downloaded or copied. After that, the updates are with the installation before their turn on by restarting the computer. Usually, the multimedia system will let you know when there is an upgrade.

Mercedes COMANDSystem Upgrade

Updates must be installed immediately. Your vehicle will have an outdated status if you don’t install updates. Updates can be installed in just a few minutes. Additionally, keep in mind that once the process starts, there is no turning back.

Mercedes COMAND System Upgrade

Additionally, you won’t have access to specific operations or control features while the setup process starts. Probably, there aren’t many functionalities offered. Your car’s electronics will remain current and functional thanks to COMAND firmware updates.

Can you use a USB, CD, or SD card to upgrade the firmware on your Mercedes COMAND? The model, year of manufacture, and software that need un update all affect the tool that you use to upgrade your Mercedes COMAND system. The following steps will upgrade different software and firmware on your Benz:

  • Map updates for the COMAND system are available via CD or USB. All COMAND systems work well with CDs, however, the most recent COMAND systems work best with USB drives.
  • Firmware for Bluetooth cradle devices that are downloadable from the web.
  • A CD is in use to update the firmware on some older COMAND systems.
  • Becker Map Pilot maps are with update via a PC, whereas Garmin Map Pilot maps are with update using a new SD Card.
  • The majority of Mercedes vehicles with me connect can instantly download software updates from the internet.

Beyond the aforementioned firmware and software updates, additional updates demand MB Star and an active Mercedes-Benz membership.

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What Features Does The COMAND System From Mercedes-Benz Have

Depending on the Mercedes model you select, the Mercedes COMAND system’s features change. The most affordable Mercedes models come equipped with the most minimal amenities, while mid-range Benz automobiles provide little COMAND features. You must purchase a high-end Mercedes if you want a cutting-edge COMAND system.

Upgrade Mercedes COMAND System

Features of the Mercedes-Benz COMAND system at a glance! The Mercedes-Benz COMAND system is fairly basic in entry-level Mercedes vehicles. On the dashboard and behind the steering wheel, there are two 7-inch touchscreen displays. The additional features include a DAB radio, Bluetooth, a USB port, and a navigation system.

The screen is a little bit larger on the Mercedes COMAND system’s mid-level model. It has an impressive 10.25-inch touchscreen with improved graphics, voice controls, 3D mapping, and an integrated hard drive. Depending on the Mercedes model, this system also comes with a 12.3-inch TFT instrument panel that may show navigational maps, vehicle data, and much more.

Properties Of The Mercedes-Benz COMAND System

Not to mention, all premium Mercedes vehicles are equipped with the top-tier COMAND system as standard. The third system is more advanced than the first two. It has a massive 24.6-inch dashboard display as well as two 12.3-inch panels that are concealed beneath a single piece of glass. One is on the dashboard, while the other is in the driver’s line of sight.

The current E-Class, S-Class, and GLS-Class are among the high-end vehicles that feature the COMAND system from Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes A-Class vehicles feature the base COMAND system, while C-Class models feature the mid-level COMAND system.

Mercedes COMAND Updates Are They Possible

Of course, you can. Mercedes’ COMAND system needs an update because it is inferior to other systems on the market. You may, for instance, purchase a GPS navigation COMAND upgrade DVD to enhance the navigation.

How To Upgrade Mercedes COMAND System

Why Is Updating COMAND firmware So Important

A Mercedes-COMAND update The functionality of the car is instantly and freely upgraded by Benz’s firmware, which enhances the overall driving experience. It also shields you from vulnerabilities and fixes any problems that already exist.

How Do You Use The COMAND Navigation System From Mercedes

There are various choices to customize your screen and navigation preferences to match your needs and make it simpler to understand and follow directions on the Mercedes navigation system, which is a component of the COMAND entertainment system.

  • Type: to go to that location.
  • Push the voice activation button on your steering wheel.
  • You should say, “Enter a destination.”
  • Read out the address.
  • The destination will be instantly available for confirmation by the navigation system, and you will be able to change it if necessary.
  • Accept if the location is appropriate.
  • If something is incorrect, either reject it or change it as necessary.
  • The COMAND navigation system will give you advice and display directions to help you arrive at your destination when you select yes or correct the destination.

What Mercedes COMAND Problems Are Most Prevalent

Like any other vehicle’s system, the Mercedes COMAND has its drawbacks. One of the most common Mercedes-Benz issues is the audio gateway draining the battery, along with the COMAND system intermittently shutting off, the COMAND unit not turning on, the COMAND screen automatically turning off, and a broken control knob.

If your COMAND system exhibits any of these issues, you have a problem and should consult an expert. As soon as you can, can fix it to prevent any disruptions. Try a reset on your car before taking it to a mechanic to see if the issue resolves itself.

System After Un Upgrade Procedure

Do All Mercedes-Benz Cars Come With The COMAND System As Standard Equipment

They certainly do. On the other hand, the Mercedes COMAND system varies from model to model. The A-Class has the simplest COMAND system, whilst the GLS has the most sophisticated one. But a more potent COMAND system is switchable to any Mercedes vehicle.

Continually Update

Now that you are aware of how to upgrade Mercedes-Benz COMAND firmware, don’t be reluctant to update the software in your car. It’s usually a good idea to take the car to a Mercedes dealer and have it updated rather than putting it off. The Benz dealer may not charge you for this service if you are already on the schedule for service.

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