How To Reset Honda Radio Codes

Honda radio code reset procedure! Here you will learn how to reset Honda radio codes using simple steps! To recover your radio code and reset your radio, follow these instructions.

Reset Honda Radio Codes

Call Honda at 1-800-999-1009 if you require more assistance. Please feel free to swing by any dealership if you live in the USA, and they will assist you through the setup.

How To Reset Honda Radio Codes

You’ll need a Honda radio code to reset your radio. To access Honda’s database for radio codes, your nearby Honda dealer will require the serial number from the radio (and later, the vehicle identification number). If your car features navigation, a Honda dealership can to reset the radio.

After getting the serial number from your Honda radio, you will need paper and a pen or a device to record it!

Enter Honda Radio Code

After the process of resetting Honda radio codes, you need to enter the code into the device. To complete this process follow the steps below!

  • Put the vehicle in the auxiliary (not the start or run) position by turning the ignition switch or pressing the start button.
  • Arrive at the OFF position for the radio. (CODE and ERR aren’t on the radio. The display ought to be empty.)
  • Use one hand to press and hole the radio buttons 1 and 6 at the same time.
  • With your free hand, turn on the radio while controlling buttons 1 and 6.
  • When holding the buttons, a 8-digit serial number will appear. (On some older models, there may be two serial numbers i.e. U6537 – L3289).
Reset Honda Radio Codes

After the serial number is displayed, disconnect buttons 1 and 6 and note or record the 8-digit serial number for later use.

Your local Honda dealer will also need the seventeen (17) digit vehicle identification number to access, retrieve, and return your radio code to you. This 17-digit serial number is located on a sticker on the driver’s center pillar post, on the driver’s side of the dashboard visible under the windshield glass, as well as on your vehicle registration and your insurance card. The 17-digit vehicle identification number and the 8-digit radio serial number should then be sent to your neighborhood Honda dealer.

Go to the vehicle when you have obtained the 5 digit radio code from your local Honda dealer.

Set the vehicle in the auxiliary (not the start or run) position by turning the vehicle ignition switch or using the start button.

Reset Honda Code

Final Action For Unlocking

Fix the radio. The word “code” should be listened to on the Honda radio. Disconnect the black negative under-hood battery cable. Wait for one to three minutes to reset the system if the radio displays an error (ERR) message. Restart the radio and listen for the word “code”. The 5-digit Honda radio code must be in the system. Turn off the radio again. This is the best way to reset Honda radio codes!

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