Privacy Policy

Read the (We or us bellow in the text) privacy policy web page if you decide to be our reader. Here on this page we explain all about how this website works and which rules are our priority. From the start you need to know that here all your personal information are at first place. Your personal information will not be share with other websites or third party services.

Email Addresses

The email addresses are well protected here on this website. The email that you will use to contact us will be in order only for simple contact where our team can provide the service that you want from us. You are not obligated to share some other personal information with us or on some page or post on our website. Your email address will not be shared with other websites or third party websites.

We will not send you any information on your email on daily, monthly or yearly base. Don’t afraid because we aren’t like so many other website that will abuse your email address and will send you unwanted things every day.

Ownership on information

The ownership on all collected info is!


This website use cookies to offer you much better experience in future. We will try to make our website much better with this type of cookies! Cookies that will give information about our readers wishes, needs and much more. Our cookies are legal and help us to follow some information about percent of user devices type, IP addresses, technical information, personal details or reading time on specific place. This way of thinking will help us improve our website for all our readers. Surely you have option to accept our cookies or not once you visit this website for the first time.

Our cookies will not bring you anything on your computer, tablet, Lap top or mobile phone in automatic procedure. Don’t be afraid because with our website your device isn’t at risk from any type of viruses, programs or apps that you don’t want it. The cookies will make your visit better because it will save you time and will prevent abuse or fraud.


You can leave us comments at any page or post freely. You can use this type of communication no meter where are you from. This service is available for every reader. Please be careful what you write in this comments because we don’t want nothing offensive. Please don’t write us comment with offensive racist, sex, political, religious or nationalist content. In that case we will delete your comment permanently and you will lose the right to write us comments.


Reading us you will notice that you can find links that give you more information. Those links are from other websites. If you go on their web pages and decide to read them be careful and read their privacy policy page and rules firstly. You need to be free because we will provide only official websites links that are well proven in the past! Make another check just to be one hundred percent sure that they provide information according to your needs!


The only way to contact us is using our contact web page or comment at the bottom of every post or page. We promise that we will do everything possible to respond to your queries as soon as some member of our team is available. You don’t need to wait more than 24 hours for any type of question.