How To Remove The Locking Wheel Nut Without A Key

Do you need to learn how to remove the locking wheel nut without a key? To change a tire or work on your suspension, you must remove the lug nuts that secure your wheel to your vehicle. If none of your lug nuts is a unique “locking type,” that is simple. Oh, is it yours? The key was gone, too. Don’t worry! We’ll show you how to remove that thing nevertheless.

How To Remove Locking Wheel Nut Without Key

On my battered car with aftermarket wheels, I used a “Gorilla”-style locking lug nut for the demonstration you’re watching here. The nut was simple to access and surprisingly compliant, so we had it easy, but this method should generally work regardless of how your rig is set up.

The best part is that all the equipment required for the work should be found in any garage. However, here is what you will need. Tools required include a new lug nut, a 12-Point Socket (your size may vary), a breaker bar, a hammer, and a torque wrench.

Time Needed To Remove The Locking Wheel Nut Without Key

For every wheel, it takes three to five minutes or about one beer.

Avoid giving up too quickly! Have you looked inside that dated toolbox you never use? All of your car’s little storage compartments? Send a text to the auto sales clerk. Everything is worth a try. Before using a hammer to attack your car, make sure you truly do not have the key.

Determine The Closest Socket Size

It’s time to decide to commit to hammering this creature to submission if you really can’t discover the key. You’re just going to use force to slam a standard socket onto your locking nut. Your lug nuts are probably constructed of softer metal than a good socket, even the incredibly robust lockers we’re working with. At the very least, that’s what you’re hoping for right now.

Once you discover a socket size that makes you think, “Yeah, I could probably ram that thing on with a hammer,” try it on your nut a few times. Then use a hammer to slam that thing on. A 12-point is preferred over a 6-point because it can bite more effectively. Remember that you are dealing with an uncommon shape? You will have a better chance of gaining traction on the lug nut with the additional “teeth.”

Use A Hammer To Force That Socket Onto The Locking Lug Nut

This is the enjoyable part, so I’ll bring it up again. A standard hammer from the sale rack of your local hardware store should work just fine. Go as straight as you can while slamming that thing on until it is extremely securely fastened.

Wheel Nuts

Use Leverage To Remove The Locking Wheel Nut Without A Key

You’re in for a treat if you haven’t yet had a breaker bar. Since it is essentially just a metal rod that clips into sockets, you can save money on this tool, but once you own one, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Now, fundamental physics is what makes a breaker bar so great. Your small ratchet, which is about six and eight inches long, has a moderate amount of force. The enormous length of the breaker bar allows you to dramatically increase your strength leverage, thereby transforming even a scrawny jamoke like myself into Iron Man for a little period.

However enormous power also brings well, you know the rest. If you use your newfound strength too rapidly, you risk wearing out your locking lug nut. You’ll be astonished at how little movement of the nut is required to release it if you pour it on slowly.

Celebrate Your Achievement And Check The Stud For Damage

Okay, it succeeded! I hope. Examine your wheel stud’s threads (the thing your lug nut just came off of.) You will need to replace them if they are damaged, which is a slightly more difficult task. If they’re in good shape, purchase a fresh (non-locking) lug nut and tighten it by the owner’s instructions!

After around 10 miles of driving, remember to stop and torque it down again to the same specification.
Get the locking lug nut out of your socket in step six.

Wedged in quite firmly, huh?

You can utilize the socket once more by using one of the following methods to remove the deadlocking nut:

  • Try pounding the locking lug nut with a screwdriver, chisel, or “straight-punch” style tool inserted into the top of the socket. (Ineffective.)
  • Throw the fused lug nut and socket to the ground. (Dangerous.)
  • Gently screw the fused lug nut/socket assembly back onto the wheel stud, tapping the side with a hammer as you go. Alternatively, just use your breaker bar to squirm the hell out of it. Be careful not to whack it too hard or you can break your threads (probably the best).
Remove Locking Wheel Nut Without Key

We hope that with this guide you already know how to remove the locking wheel nut without a key for any automobile model!

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