Replacing The Battery In BMW Key Fob

Battery replacement for BMW key fob! Sounds familiar? Well, here you will learn about replacing the battery in the BMW key fob. You will do this procedure by yourself. Remote keyless entry makes it simple to get into your car. You are unable to open doors remotely when the key battery is dead.

BMW Key Fob

We’ll explain how to access a BMW key fob and change a weak or dead battery on your own in this post. Follow our instructions if you decide to do it at home close to the 5-Series, but make sure you have everything you need before you begin.

What kind of battery can the BMW key fob use?

Don’t forget to check everything you need before opening the keyless entry remote:

  • flathead screwdriver
  • single CR2450 battery

Replacing The Battery In BMW Key Fob Guidance

Your keyless entry remote has a tiny button cell battery within. If the key is in the keyless entry remote, remove it from the way. Try carefully to open your remote key fob with a flathead screwdriver or your hands. One CR2450 battery can be changed with a flathead screwdriver.

Change Battery In BMW Key Fob

Replace the outdated CR2450 battery with a new one. Battery placement requires using the same polarity as an older battery. If you accidentally put the battery in the wrong direction, your keyless entry remote will not function. Test the buttons on the key fob to ensure they are functioning properly before assembling the case for the keyless entry fob.

Restoring your cover to the fob is the last step. Then try carefully to assemble the parts by hand, working your way from top to bottom. If the remote shell for your keyless entry is tightly closed, we’re done. If not, repeat the previous action.

BMW 5-Series remote key fob uses 1xCR2450 batteries. CR2450 batteries often cost less than $4 depending on the size, packaging, brand, and type you choose. When shopping for a new battery, you can bring your old one with you.

Most of the time, after a battery change, a keyless entry remote does not require reprogramming. Check the voltage of the fresh battery again if your keyless entry remote isn’t working. Read the user’s manual or speak with a local dealer if it is not helpful.


How much does replacing the battery in the BMW key fob cost? 2012 BMW 5-Series keyless entry remote battery replacement is straightforward. The majority of automakers consider their customers and designate a specific hole for remote key fob disassembly. So depending on the brand, the cost of dealer service to replace the battery in a remote key fob ranges from $50 to $600.

Replacing Battery In BMW Key Fob

Modern automotive key fob batteries should be changed at least every three to four years. Battery life depends on usage frequency, environmental factors, and manufacturing standards. Typically, lithium cells have a longer lifespan. It’s nice to know all about replacing the battery in the BMW key fob right?

If your car’s signal strength has decreased, the low-key battery light is on the dashboard, the key fob’s battery is older than 4 years, or the key fob’s buttons aren’t functioning, it’s likely time to replace the battery inside the keyless entry remote. Finally, there is a good chance that the installed battery is dead, but if it doesn’t help, the key fob needs to be replaced or repaired.

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