Honda Accord Mods

All that you need to know about Honda Accord Mods! A Honda Accord is an excellent vehicle to employ when it comes to automotive modifications. There are countless aftermarket parts for Honda Accords, regardless of the model year.

Honda Accord Mods

There are many options for Accord customization! They are ranging from eccentric extras that stand out in a crowded auto show to straightforward selections that improve the ride quality.

Honda Accord Mods Instructions

Well, let’s start with instructions on Honda Accord mods! To improve the look, driving, and comfort of your Honda Accord, simply follow these instructions.

  • Replace the factory air intake on your Honda Accord with an aftermarket cold air intake to increase performance. An aftermarket exhaust system should be used in place of the factory exhaust. Both of these are simple to do and can add power and good aesthetics. The exact product determines the price range.
  • Change the stock rims and tires for a set of aftermarket rims. Choose a tire with a shorter sidewall and a little wider diameter rim than the original. The Accord can fit an aftermarket set of rims and tires. Just as well as the factory ones while also improving the vehicle’s appearance.
  • To display a distinctive style, paint the Accord or add graphics to the existing paint. The most expensive way to update the exterior is to completely change the color. For much less money, upgrade the original paint job with vinyl graphics. Vinyl graphics have the advantage of being simple to remove without harming the vehicle’s paint job.
  • Add or change colors to the interior of your Honda Accord. For a fresh look and improved comfort, reupholster the seats or add seat covers. Use automotive spray paint from a parts store to decorate the dashboard, door panels, and other plastic surfaces. The greatest impact may be made inside your Accord by doing this. The stereo system can be improved by adding more or larger speakers, television monitors, and other components.

Replace the Accord’s stock springs with performance, race, or adjustable ones. The ride quality differs depending on the type. Although they are more expensive, adjustable springs let you lower or raise the Honda Accord’s ride height from the factory setting.

The Top 5 Honda Accord Modifications

The Honda Accord personifies Honda’s dependability and usefulness. The Honda Accord, which was first made available in 1976 to make up for the Honda Civic’s shortcomings, has never failed to provide its owners with a dependable car. A car that performs its fundamental function gets them from point A to point B exceptionally well. The Honda Accord has been in continuous production since 1976, and with that continuous manufacture, it has repeatedly shown itself to be a reliable platform, particularly for customization.

Top 5 Honda Accord Modifications

Even among automobile enthusiasts, the Honda Accord continues to be one of the most popular vehicles on the road today. Owners get some stick from other serious vehicle aficionados, but it makes a good basis for modifications. Contrary to the WRXs or the Civics, some individuals in the automotive industry think the Honda Accord is not a true project vehicle. Contrary to what is widely believed, it does have several characteristics that make it a suitable vehicle for modification.

It can be enjoyable to customize an everyday driver like the Honda Accord. Even while it isn’t quite as sporty as the Honda S2000, it still has some features that make driving it enjoyable. With the correct modification, you can make the most of its sleek, beautiful body. Then turn it into a superior vehicle.

The Honda Accord is the ideal platform for sensible auto enthusiasts who want to work on a setup that wouldn’t cost them a fortune, whether they get performance upgrades or aesthetic changes.
So, is it possible to modify a Honda Accord from the seventh to the tenth generation? Absolutely! To view the greatest Honda Accord customizations, scroll down.

Suspension Improvements

One of the best things you can do to instantly enhance the appearance and handling of your Honda Accord are to alter the suspension. The Honda Accord is a gorgeous car, as are all vehicles with a reduced stance. Your car’s handling will improve by lowering its center of gravity when you reduce the ride height of the vehicle.

Adjustable coil overs and softer lowering springs are two of the most common modifications you can purchase.

Honda Accord Mods Suspension Improvements

Lowering springs and coil overs have very different effects on your car. Comparing them is similar to comparing apples and oranges, except that these fruits can help lower the ride height of your car. Lowering springs are a straightforward way to lower the ride height of your car, but there is no room for adjustment. In contrast, coil overs offer both ride height and compression/rebound adjustments, giving you the best of both worlds.

If you only want to lower the ride height of your car and see some handling benefits in your daily-driven Honda Accord, you should invest in a solid pair of lowering springs. Otherwise, use coil overs if you want some latitude in suspension adjustment since you intend to modify it to be a daily driver that can also be used on the racetrack.


Why not also slap some new wheels on your Honda Accord after you’ve banged your car to the ground with coil overs or lowering springs? The wheels are more vulnerable to damage because the automobile is frequently driven as a daily sedan. One of the best methods to quickly alter a car’s appearance and handling is by installing a fresh set of aftermarket wheels on your Honda Accord and your Honda Accord mods that are following.

Accord Wheels

If you’re going to buy aftermarket wheels for your Honda Accord mods, you might as well pick ones that vary from 176.5 to 209.5. It’s entirely up to you whether you want something broad or specific. Forums for the Honda Accord advise choosing wheels that are around 19″. Larger wheels might give your car the appearance of a clown car with enormous shoes. They are heavier and visibly bigger visually.


Tires are one of the most important Honda Accord mods! For the Honda Accord to perform properly, a reliable pair of wheels are required. If you’re still using OEM wheels, chances are good that they are already bald and ineffective. When compared to the wheels of an enthusiast’s automobile, daily-driven cars like the Honda Accord wear out their wheels more quickly because they are used more frequently and are typically more prone to damage.

Honda Accord Tires

Of course, new tires are the finest addition to go with a new wheelset. To get through your day in the Honda Accord, you should mount some all-season tires or even summer tires. As opposed to outdated and bald tires that might even put you and your passengers in danger, these types of tires can give you greater grip on the road, more stopping power, and better handling. Installing a new wheelset with sizes that mimic the factory tire size is in your best interest.

Honda Accord Mods Intake Systems

Honda never intended for the Accord to be a speed demon. The most recent model only features a turbocharged V-TEC engine that can produce 192 horsepower and 192 pound-feet of torque. Installing aftermarket modifications that can slightly increase your car’s power output may not be enough for the average auto enthusiast’s tastes. Intake systems are one such improvement.

Accord Intake Systems

A high-quality air filter is usually paired with aftermarket intake systems to ensure that the oxygen-rich air is fresh and clean before it even enters the engine, replacing your old, dusty stock intake system with a free-flowing one. The greatest Honda Accord intakes would include less constrictive parts, such as bigger intake tubes, air filters that were improved over stock to filter the air much better, and many other features that would ultimately convert into increased horsepower and torque production.

Honda Accord Mods Exhaust Systems

Adding new exhaust systems is another option to increase the power of your Honda Accord. The majority of JDM tuner vehicles that you see on the roads have aftermarket intake systems that are frequently much louder than the OEM. They are less constrained than the stock systems. Additionally, we want to emphasize the importance of exhaust systems. This is important if you want to give your Honda Accord a brand-new sporty, loud, and aggressive sound.

The Honda Accord would sound much better with the greatest exhausts. The majority of aftermarket exhausts on the market nowadays typically feature improvements that may give any car they touch a sporty, aggressive grunt. Still, you can choose quiet exhausts if you don’t like loud ones that annoy your neighbors. Additionally, the majority of aftermarket exhaust systems reduce excessive backpressure, giving your Honda Accord a well-deserved boost in horsepower.

Honda Accord Exhaust Systems

The Honda Accord is a fairly accommodating vehicle. You’ll be rewarded with a daily-driven vehicle that looks and performs superbly! You will be rewarded if you intend to make it your project car. The Honda Accord may not be as speedy and potent as some modern tuner cars on the road. That’s because it wasn’t originally intended to be. This vehicle was designed by Honda to be dependable, useful, and above all dependable. We hope that you get ideas on Honda Accord mods and how to apply them to your vehicle!

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