Honda Radio Code List

Get free Honda radio code list that contain the most common radio codes for the most popular Honda vehicle models! Consult the owner’s manual to locate the radio code for your Honda. The radio code might be written on a little card that is tucked within the owner’s manual or in the owner’s handbook itself.

Finding The Honda Radio Code List

We will show you three other ways to obtain the radio code for a Honda from a list if you are unable to locate the radio code by yourself. Even if you have forgotten the code or misplaced it, this post explains how to obtain a free Honda radio code list.

Honda Radio Code List

You must first obtain the radio’s serial number to obtain a Honda radio code list. The VIN is useless. There are two ways to obtain a Honda radio’s serial number.

A Honda radio code list is available in two steps. You must first locate the radio’s serial number. The serial number is in use to obtain the radio code. For details on how to obtain a free Honda radio code list, see the instructions below.

How To Locate The Serial Number Of A Honda Radio

Pressing buttons 1 and 6 simultaneously while turning on the radio is the simplest method for obtaining the radio code list on a Honda. Pressing radio buttons 1 and 6 simultaneously will turn the radio on. You ought to see an eight-digit serial number on the radio’s screen as long as you’re holding the buttons down.

The radio’s serial number for a Honda Ridgeline or Pilot is available here. Even if your radio could appear a little different, the same steps still apply. These detailed instructions will show you how to obtain the Honda radio code without having to take the radio out of the car.

  • Navigation is not Available on Radio
  • Ensure that the radio is off.
  • Position the ignition key so that it is ON.
  • On the radio, press buttons 1 and 6. Continue to press.
  • Turn on your radio while maintaining pressure on buttons 1 and 6.
  • The radio’s display will show your Honda serial number. for instance, S/N 4500 3672
  • Depress and hold both the CH/DISC and SEEK/SKIP bars.
  • Next, turn the PWR/VOL knob in and out.
  • A new screen should appear on the monitor.
  • The screen will display the ten-digit serial number.
Free Honda Radio Code List

The second alternative is to take the radio out of the car if the prior instructions don’t work. Your radio’s serial number will be displayed on the back of the device.

You need to locate the radio code now that you know the radio serial number. The radio is not the serial number. Avoid attempting to insert the serial number into the radio because you risk locking it up. For each Honda vehicle, there are three methods for obtaining a Honda code:

Honda Radio Code List Retrieval

Honda Dealer (Free) – By calling the dealership, you can obtain a Honda radio code list without cost. You can ask any Honda dealer to assist you with the code by giving them a call. Mention that you already have the radio’s serial number if they ask you to bring the car in. Call a few Honda dealerships until you find one that will assist you if the first one declines to do so without having the car in for service.

Online service on eBay ($2-$5) – Using an online service on eBay is the second way to obtain the radio code list for a Honda. Many websites online promise to provide you with the radio code in exchange for a modest charge. A Honda radio code list is typically available for less than $5. The majority of third-party providers will typically email you the radio code within five minutes.

Honda Serial Number Info

Honda Online Service (Free) – The following is the official Honda website, and using it will also grant you access to a free list. The serial number is important, and we show how to get it in step 1. The 17-digit VIN is available on the registration, driver’s door jamb, or the left lower corner of the windshield. It is also of great importance (it is available from outside the vehicle). Finally, you must include your zip code and contact information. Examples of zip codes are 84604, 21234, and 21204.

The majority of Honda automobiles, such as the Accord, Civic, Odyssey, Ridgeline, Pilot, etc., are compatible with these instructions.

What Does “Input Code” Mean On A Honda Radio

Enter code on a Honda radio signifies the radio is in anti-theft mode.

Honda radios display enter code because:

  • Radio was replaced
  • Car battery died
  • Battery was replaced
  • Fuses were removed
  • Battery was disconnected

The owner manual might have the code listed there. If not, you can get the code online or by going to a Honda dealer.

List Of Honda Radio Codes

The majority of Honda radio codes are five digits, which is how many there are in total. 0 letters.

Why Does Your Honda Want The Radio Code

If you disconnected the battery from your Honda automobile after it died, or you removed the radio fuse, the radio will prompt you for a Honda radio code list when you power it on.

Is it possible to obtain the Honda radio code from the VIN? No. A Honda radio code cannot be obtained using the VIN. Instead, you require the radio’s serial number. Finally, ask for the radio code by calling the dealership and providing the radio’s serial number.

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