How To Find BMW Wheel Lock Code

Finding the BMW wheel lock code sometimes can be a problem! We will teach you how to find the BMW wheel lock code on your vehicle very fast and easily! Probably some of you think: the locking wheel nut key is missing, help! Well, it’s time for you to find out how to find the BMW wheel lock code!

In all of our branches, we frequently hear about this issue. It’s a regular issue whether you can’t find your locking wheel nut key. Or it’s with problems, worn out, or no longer functions.

BMW Wheel Lock

Find BMW Wheel Lock Code

The alloy wheels on your car can’t be there thanks to locking wheel nut keys. Alloy wheel theft was a major issue when they first make entry into the fashion scene since they were so highly need. Theft is less of an issue now that alloy wheels are typical with installation on cars, but car manufacturers still take precautions by including a set of locking wheel nuts and a locking wheel nut key in every vehicle they produce.

The majority of automobiles with alloy wheels have four locking wheel nuts (one for each wheel) that must be removed with a special “locking wheel nut key.”

The issues that we frequently see are

  • Lost or misplaced locking wheel nut keys
  • Locking wheel nut keys that are worn out or broken

What then can we do if your locking wheel nut key is lost or broken?

The type of locking wheel nuts installed on your vehicle is one of the variables that affect how simple it is to remove wheel nuts without the locking wheel nut key.

Find BMW Wheel Lock Code

The Various Locking Wheel Nut Types

Vehicles utilize one of three varieties of locking wheel nuts:

  1. Wheel nuts have a keyed head. The heads of the most popular locking nuts are with keys to the wheel nut. The locking wheel nut key fits into this and has a standard hexagonal end on the other end that fits into a wheel brace to remove the nut.
  2. Rotating Collar. This type of wheel nut has a rotating collar that spins around the wheel nut, making it incredibly challenging to remove without a matching key.
  3. These are frequently seen on French cars like Peugeots and are used in wheels with bolts rather than nuts. If a tool other than the corresponding key is used to try to remove this kind of bolt, it will “sheer” off (thus the name!).

Where Can You Find The Key For The Locking Wheel Nut

Your locking wheel nut key is probably where the manufacturer stored it if your car is new and you haven’t needed to remove the wheels yet. Typical locations are:

  • Glove compartment
  • In and beneath the boot search under the carpet and in all the various compartments, as well as your first aid pack. It might be there.
  • Under or with your spare wheel.
  • Check the seat pockets and the seats under the driver’s or passenger’s seat.

Door card pockets and a storage console in the middle. Some locking wheel nut keys are here separately in a little plastic bag, while others are in a compact plastic box along with extra wheel nuts.

Try to recall the last time one of the wheels that you need it for removal if you can’t find your locking wheel nut key. The mechanic had to remove the wheels if you had your car serviced or had parts like the brakes updated. Before you depart, it is usually wise to confirm the location of the item the garage has left for you. This could prevent you from having to spend time the following time hunting for it.

Two Different Options

If you misplaced the key for the locking wheel nut. You’ve searched all over but can’t locate your locking wheel nut key. If it is not here, you have the following choices. This is important if you want to use the method on how to find the BMW wheel lock code!

  1. Invest in a new key. Even if it occasionally costs more, this choice is the easiest to choose. However, you’ll need to purchase a new locking wheel nut key. Do this if you want to use the original locking wheel nut set. Each key has a code that allows you to order an extra from the car’s maker. The locking wheel nut storage box or plastic storage bag is the only way to find this code. It is possible thus it’s an issue if those are also missing!
  2. Remove and replace the locking wheel nut. Many clients who have misplaced their locking wheel nut keys request that our technicians remove them. Then replace them with a universal locking wheel nut set. These sets are here to fit a variety of automobiles. So you won’t have to buy from the car maker, but they will still secure your alloy wheels. This choice frequently costs less than buying a new key.
How To Find BMW Wheel Lock Code
Removing The Lock Nuts On The Wheels Without A Key

Without the proper key, our experts utilize a specialized tool to release the locking wheel nuts. On the majority of automobiles, this technique works well. Although it is subject to variables like wheel design and whether the wheel nuts were with much light before removal. However, our specialists can usually safely remove the wheel nuts.

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