BMW Remote Software Upgrade Steps

Remote software upgrade for BMW? What can you do? Let us help you to complete BMW remote software upgrade using steps guide that any user can complete very easily and fast. Learn in this article how to use your “My BMW App” to download and install a remote software upgrade. The process is as follows:

BMW Remote Software Upgrade
  • Your “My BMW App” notifies you via a push notification when a new software update is accessible for your BMW.
  • To save money and time, we advise using Wi-Fi to download the software upgrade.
  • Then in the mobile devices menu of your BMW, check your connections and pair your phone with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • So to connect to Wi-Fi, select “New device,” “Internet, apps,” and then use your smartphone to scan the QR code.
  • As you drive, the upgrade is now up to date to your BMW.

Follow the installation instructions on the central information display. Complete the last one once the upload is ok. Anytime the connection between your smartphone and your car is re-established and the engine is running, the upload procedure will automatically start up again. Please see the installation process in our other How-To video.

BMW Remote Software Upgrade

BMW Remote Software Upgrades provide thorough enhancements to important vehicle operations, wirelessly stream the newest digital goods into the car, and guarantee that the software is always current. The third over-the-air upgrade this year from the BMW Group is now available for about two million BMW vehicles globally. More than 2.5 million connected BMW vehicles, ranging from conventionally powered automobiles to plug-in hybrids to the fully-electric BMW, will be on the road by the end of 2021, making it the largest fleet in the world that is upgrade-compatible.

Latest BMW Remote Software Upgrade

The launch of the most recent version of BMW operating system 7 on November 14th, 2021, will signal the start of the BMW Group’s largest remote software upgrade program to date. The campaign will first be in Germany, and then gradually expand to other areas. The goal of this extensive remote software Upgrade effort is to enhance and expand driver assistance features. Spotify may now play podcasts in addition to enhancing the entertainment experience provided by BMW-connected music.


Drivers of the BMW M3 and M4 can anticipate a novel new sound experience thanks to M Sound Control. Customers may benefit from increased convenience, improved safety, and, quite simply, sheerer driving pleasure. All that thanks to each of these new features.

This promotion is unique in that for the first two weeks, only users of the “My BMW app” can download this version. Then all consumers will thereafter be able to automatically download the upgrade through their vehicle. Customers can access their vehicle using their smartphone, which becomes an intelligent interface, thanks to the app.

The app offers a practical way to schedule excursions or repair appointments. So this is ok in addition to enabling the new remote software upgrade to be into the car. In addition to other features, the “My BMW app” will begin offering functional improvements in the area of electromobility in November 2021.

How To Upgrade BMW Remote Software

And over 40 models and 2.7 million cars made by the upscale manufacturer will be capable of updating their software immediately thanks to the latest upgrade. Additionally, the current version will be deployable to nearly 500,000 additional vehicles running an older software version. The prerequisite for these vehicles is an upgradeable software version. So this can be simply fit by installing the earlier version.

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