VW Radio Code Calculator Software Applicable On Any Volkswagen Radio

VW radio code calculator service is available in this post! Yes, you understand well that we expand our work on Volkswagen car radio models too! Here in this post, you will get the chance to learn all about this process and all Volkswagen models that it supports also. The universal Volkswagen radio code calculator work on:

  • VW Alpha
  • VW Amarok
  • Volkswagen Beetle
  • VW Beta
  • VW Caddy
  • Volkswagen Gamma
  • VW Golf
  • VW Jetta
  • Volkswagen Lupo
  • VW Monsoon
  • VW Passat
  • Volkswagen Polo
  • Volkswagen Scirocco
  • VW Sharan
  • VW Tiguan
  • Volkswagen Touareg
  • VW Transporter
  • VW Vento

All these Volkswagen car radio models are solvable too if you decide to use our unlock VW radio code calculator.

Volkswagen Radio Code

VW Radio Code Calculator

The VW calculator from this page is universal and supports each model from the list above. The only difference is that you need to select your right model in the regeneration procedure that is contained below in the next step by step guidelines:

  1. At the beginning start the process with downloading unlock VW calculator software into your computer,
  2. Then install the software with pressing the install button once,
  3. Once you receive full access to the main unlock Volkswagen radio code calculator platform enter all information that describes your locked car radio as it should (in this part you need to select your exact Volkswagen automobile model,
  4. At the end of your manual work just press the calculate button!

VW Radio Code

So you are in that part of this process where you need to wait for a while. Stay on your computer in the next five to ten minutes and you will receive your unique VW radio code. Then it’s up to you when you want to enter the true combination into your locked device. The process is very simple but if you need some help don’t think twice to request help from our team!

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251 thoughts on “VW Radio Code Calculator Software Applicable On Any Volkswagen Radio

  1. hi,
    I have RCD 200 POLO GP BVX radio. Blaunpukt -6Q0 035 152 made in Portugal.
    Its serial number VWZ1Z5F5118553
    I need code for it.
    Thanks in advanced,

    1. Buna ziua
      Va rog daca se poate să mă ajutați și pe mine dacă puteți cu un cod pentru un rcd 210 seria VEZ5Z1K0260879
      Daca este necesar plătesc 50 Ron

  2. Hello, please help me find my cod. I have a RCD 510 and the serial is: 815 7 640 206 360 and VIN is: VWZ1Z3L1541452.

    Thank you in advance.

  3. Good morning, friends, I have this car unit that needs the code to reuse my cd.
    thank you friends
    this serial VWZ7Z296085042
    I have another problem, this is a bit blurred, and I’m not sure of a number

  4. Hello, can I get a code for my PLEASE

    Blaupunkt GMBH
    BNO 881 made in germany

    7L6 035 191 C


  5. I am lookink for a code
    please help me

    Blaupunkt GMBH
    815 7647202360
    VW Radio LOW EU G+ BVX
    5M0 035 186 AA
    Made In Portugal

    Blaupunkt GMBH
    815 7643223360
    VW RCD 300 Chrome BVC
    1K0 035 186 P
    Made In Portugal

    Blaupunkt GMBH
    815 7647201360
    VW Radio LOW EU BVX
    1K0 035 186 AA
    Made In Portugal

  6. hi,

    Can I have the code for VW Tiguan 2011, tried looking for a download link couldn’t find it in the page.
    Chassis No – WVGZZZ5NZCW026183

  7. I need the code for sn: VWZ1Z7F6231187 If someone could do this it would be more than wonderful!
    Thank you very much in advance!
    Have a nice day!

  8. Volkswagen Jetta VI 2014 radio / CD / DVD GPS RNS 315 1K0035274 VWZAZ2L8450657 . Before you send me link for the code but i dont know why dont work it?

  9. hi,
    I have RCD MCD radio. Blaunpukt
    Its serial number VWZ1Z2C3066123
    I need code for it.
    ThanksRegards from
    NIKOLA Skopje Republic Macedonia

  10. Help me please, i need code:
    Partnumber : 7 612 002 044 1KO 035 191D
    Serial No/Serijski broj :VWZ1Z2F6415575

  11. Hi!
    i just bought a BETA 5 (Philips). Seller thought it does not need the code but, in surprising way, it needs.
    The serial is
    Can you help with this?
    Thanks in advance!

  12. Please Help, I need my code. My radio is in safe mode. I need it please. Driving with NO music sucks.. I gave you ALL the information that I possibly could…
    Serial number:VWZ4ZP3594894
    VIN: 3VW2k7AJ2FM350784
    Jatta 2014
    RCD 510

  13. Hi bro, i need pls code for my RCD 310

    Blaupunkt GMBH VW Radio LOW EU G+BVX
    815 7 647 202 360 5M0 0350186 AA
    VWZ1Z2K7159573 Made in Portugal

    Best Regards. THX

  14. Hello
    i heard help here,
    I hope you will help me,
    Seat Elba BVX
    7M7 035 152
    Thank You ,
    and have a nice day!

  15. Hello
    i heard help here,
    I hope you will help me,
    Thank You ,
    and have a nice day!


  16. Hello, i could not find the link for downloading the unlock VW calculator software. Can you please tell me, where i can find the link? thanks in advance.

  17. Hello.
    Could someone help me to get unlock code to my radio please.
    Thanks in advance.

  18. did someone actualy got what it was lookin for ,im trying for 3 days and nobody helped me,i have a rcd310 model for golf 6 serial no vwz1k28069276

  19. Can you give unlock code for given car and radio pls. WVGZZZ5NZFW039900 and radio is Clarion model J0VAE2JP8 / J6CAE2KP8 serial number is 0001163 the barcode is QY-7543V-A 0001163

  20. hola.
    se me extravio el codigo de mi radio me pueden ayudar a recuperarlo este es el No. de serie

  21. Hi,

    Please help and provide a lock code for my VW radio

    The serial number of the radio is VWZ2Z2G1860379

  22. Hi,

    Please help and provide a lock code for my VW radio RDC310

    The serial number of the radio is VWZ1Z2L3610865

  23. I think the admin of this web site is really working hard inn favor of his site, since here every data is quality based information.

  24. Hi,
    can you help me with a code for my RCD210?
    ULVWMP3 1K0035156B
    If you can help me please,

  25. Hello,
    Can someone help me with the code for a RNS 300 radio-navigation?
    Model Blaupunkt 7 612 062 076 BNO 881, Made in Germany
    1K0 035 191 EX
    Unmounted from a VW Touran and I want to mount it on a VW Golf 5 Variant.
    Thank you!

  26. Hello,
    Can someone help me with the code for a radio-navigation MCD
    Model Blaupunkt 7 612 001 506 BNO 881, Made in Germany
    1J0 035 191 C

    Thank you!

  27. Hi, can you send me the code for my 2010 Passat’s radio please.

    VW Radio LOW EU BVX



  28. hallo i need code radio RCD500 MP3, 3C0 035 195 B, model: CQ-EV1572G, HW: 012, SW: 0018

  29. Please give me a code for Matsushita (Asambled by Panasonic) 3CO 035 195 B
    Passat B6, 2006, 1,6 MPI
    Thanks a lot

  30. день добрый,подскажите пожалуйста, не нашел на странице ссылку для загрузки,
    помогите пожалуйста достать код

  31. Please for PIN for
    Blaupunkt VW Radio LOW EU BVX
    7 647 201 360
    1K0 035 186 AA

    Thank you.

  32. Здравствуйте Мне нужен код для моего радио
    VW Jetta VWZAZ1M2194950

  33. Hy, i have a BLAUPUNKT BNO 881 and the serialnumber is VWZ1ZF6280159 …. Sorry but i cant find any software in this site, pls help me, send the downoad link or pls calculate my code and send me on my email addres.

  34. Could you help with code for VWZ4Z4ZG6121147
    I cant find a link on this page to download the unlock software.

  35. Hi,
    Bought second hand RCD 200 for old Polo 9N1 without pincode
    Serialnumber : VWZ1Z5F9385666
    Please send me pincode

  36. Отключил питание в авто и магнитолла начала запрашивать код. Помогите пожалуйста.

  37. VWZ1Z2M4156991 Здравствуйте при покупке машины оказалась заблочена магнитола….прочитал ,что можно по номеру пробить как то…

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