Volvo Radio Code Calculator Universal For Every Volvo Car Radio Model

This presentation guide will show you how to get rid of unlock Volvo radio code situation! Here on this website, you have available a lot of experience in only one place! You will solve this issue with the famous unlock Volvo radio code calculator that works similarly to any other software that you use on your PC device or mobile phone at this time!

Volvo Radio Code

For start, you need to check the list below! Try to find out your model into the list. If you find it then you can be sure that the unlock Volvo radio code calculator covers your specific Volvo car radio model!

  • 850
  • 940
  • 960
  • S40
  • V40
  • S70
  • V70
  • S90
  • V90
  • S70 Coupe
  • S80
  • V70 II
  • V70 XCII/XC70
  • XC90
  • V50
  • C30
  • C70
  • S80 II
  • V70 III
  • XC70 II
  • XC60
  • XC60 II
  • V60
  • V40 II
  • XC Classic
  • XC60
  • V90 Cross Country

As you can see we that the calculator supports almost every Volvo vehicle car radio device. Using this service you will break the screen lock on your Volvo car radio for sure!

Unlock Volvo Radio Code Calculator

How you can solve this type of trouble with this system of solutions! For all users, our team makes an easy guide step by step! Follow it and you will end up as the winner in this procedure:

  1. Subscribe for receiving the unlock Volvo calculator software from your computer or mobile phone,
  2. Once you get the downloadable link to your email address get the software on your device,
  3. Then open the calculator and input your Volvo car radio’s serial number,
  4. Press the calculate button at the end also,
  5. Then wait some time for code arrival on your email address!

Finally, once you will receive your original Volvo radio code on your email turn on your car radio and insert the combination into the device! The device will begin working at the same moment when you will make the final radio button hit from the entering procedure!

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58 thoughts on “Volvo Radio Code Calculator Universal For Every Volvo Car Radio Model

    1. Bonjour,

      J ai récupéré une radio pour ma Volvo s70 mais je n’ai pas de code radio.

      C est un modèle sc-900
      Numéro de série AL E510 V 09 21470
      M 7 09 21470 E
      Je n’ai malheureusement pas plus d information.

      Arrivez-vous a le retrouver?

      Meilleures salutations
      Lucas Schwaller

    2. Hello,

      Thanks for sharing this information! I don’t find a way to subscribe however. Neither do I find a way to add a comment, only to reply to an existing one.

      Anyway if you can help me I would indeed really appreciate it! My radio details are the following:

      Volvo S40
      Model: CT-503
      serial: VO1820 Y7221032C

      Thank you in advance!


  1. I also donot see a subscribe form

    I have a volvo940 with CT 503 radio. code is lost


    could you provide me the code, thx

  2. i need radio code for a volvo C70
    serial number 35338964969
    EIRL 020051 thanks for all

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