Free Blaupunkt Radio Code Calculator For Every Blaupunkt Model

It isn’t so hard to get your unique unlock Blaupunkt radio code! That’s right – the combination that has to power to unblock your car radio device.

Blaupunkt Radio Code Calculator

The process is very easy! Input all the information for your car radio to get the Blaupunkt radio code calculator! Manage the recalculation procedure and finally enter the code into your device! Below you have all that you need to finish this three-part process successfully!

Most Popular Models

In the list below you can see the most wanted Blaupunkt car radio codes by model:

  • San Diego 530
  • Stockholm 230 Dab
  • Cape Town 945
  • Dortmund 230 Dab
  • Toronto 440
  • Hamburg 420 BT
  • Koln 230 BT
  • Casablanca 2012
  • Munchen 530
  • Dresden 230 BT
  • Bremen 975
  • Alicante 170
  • Augsburg 170 BT
  • Bologna 170
  • Brighton 170 BT
  • Cardiff 170 BT
  • Essen 170
  • Hannover 570 Dab
  • Las Vegas 570
  • Madrid 170 BT
  • Milano 170 BT
  • Oslo 370 Dab
  • Palermo 170
  • Porto 170
  • Santa Cruz 370
  • London 470 Dab BT
  • Stockholm 370 Dab BT
  • Brisbane 270 BT
  • Skagen 370 Dab BT
  • Barcelona 270 BT
  • Dubai 324 Dab BT
  • Dakar 224 BT
  • Doha 112 BT
  • Hannover 570 Dab Professional For Ducato
  • Philadelphia 845
  • Hannover 570 Dab Professional (EU)
  • Oslo 370 Dab Professional
  • Las Vegas 570 Professional
  • Santa Cruz 370 Professional
  • Bamberg 470 Dab BT
  • Frankfurt 370 Dab BT
  • Nurnberg 370 Dab BT
  • New York 845
  • New Jersey 220 BT
  • Amsterdam 130
  • Adelaide 130

Blaupunkt Radio Code Calculator Decoder

In this part, you will find out how to get the unlock Blaupunkt radio code calculator and how to use it racially! In the right sidebar on this web page, you will find subscribe form that requires your information.

Blaupunkt Radio Code

The first one is about your valid email address on which you want to receive the car radio calculator! The second is about your Blaupunkt car radio model! Fill in the subscribe form at the right ( or you can find it at the bottom on this website ) and you will get the software on your email address!

Depending on your exact Blaupunkt car radio model you should receive the software in a couple of hours. Be patient and wait for the arrival! Once you will receive this software you need to follow the guide step by step below. Stick to the official method if you want to end this unlock Blaupunkt process easy and fast!

  1. Open the Blaupunkt radio code calculator that you receive on your email address,
  2. Enter the device’s serial and security number at the first two empty places,
  3. Select the year on produce from the drop-down menu,
  4. Finally, hit the calculate button at the end!

Your unique Blaupunkt radio code will appear shortly on your PC or mobile phone screen! Take it from there and insert the code into your screen locked device! Feel free to ask for help if you have any problems with the entering code process. Our team is here to help you if you need it!

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97 thoughts on “Free Blaupunkt Radio Code Calculator For Every Blaupunkt Model

  1. Submit your serial number on the unlock box to calculate your radio code. It is an immediate process and entirely free! Recovering the code for your Ford Focus, Fiesta, Transit or any other model has never been more comfortable.

  2. Blaupunkt – Fiat 186 CD SB05
    815 BP 6325 8 626 4156
    Thank you very much for your help

  3. Blaupunkt Kiel CD30
    Seriennummer: BP015518464431
    Teilenummer: 7640155310
    Can you help me, thank you

  4. hi, please help me unlock my
    Blaupunkt radio
    815 7 648 231 360
    serial no: vwz1z3y5619726
    vin no: wvwzzz1jz1u041144

  5. BLAUPUNKT GMBH – Fiat Punto MP 3
    815 BP237634049423
    7 642 376 316
    Please i need your help. Thanks

  6. Need radio code blaupunkt audi a3
    Blaupunkt GMBH
    815 7 647 251 380

    Audi chorus EU AB2
    8P0 035 152 C BVX
    Made in Portugal

    1. Dobrý den,potřeboval bych kód k rádiu
      BLAUPUNKT – WERKE GMBH 7 612 001 021 BNO 881

      Made in Germany

      Radio Navigation 3BO 035 191 D


  7. Need radio code
    Blaupunkt GMBH

    815 7 648 256 360

    Skoda Octavia Low BVX
    1Z0035161 F
    Made in Portugal

  8. hi, does it work also to find the mastercode for blaupunkt RDM169 from around 1999 which uses smartcard as keycard?

  9. Bonjour,

    Je cherche le code de mon autoradio Blaupunkt GMBH. N° de série 815BP638389507352.

    Pouvez-vous m’aider ?


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